How It Works

Regarding to some questions from Freecall users, here are the information for understanding more about our Freecall service.

1.Freecall to Freecall – All freecall members can able to call each other. We said Freecall to Freecall or Freecall Global Intercom. Each user has an unique acc. name i.e. freecall S/N No).

2. Freecall to Landline – Freecall members can call to any cellphone and landline in general countries listing in the standard country cover list with unlimited times and unlimited minutes in a full year. User will be required to renew for additional years with an annual fee.

3. Picking up Calls from Freecall – A recipient will pick up calls with any kind of traditional type telephone without internet accessing. Even an old type general phones are available to pick up crystal quality sound.

4. What is needed for Freecall services – To enjoy Freecall, users (caller) are only required to has a good internet connection.

5. Freecall to out-of-list countries – If Freecall user wants to call anyone who is in a new country where is not yet listed in our country list, he can request a free Freecall additional account and pass it to an user in any new countries. The free additional account will be required to setup on the user who is in-need in a  new country.This additional account can enjoy the “Freecall-to-Freecall Service” (See #1). In case that an additional account would like to call any normal cellphone or landline which are within the general countries, just pay for a standard year plan to upgrade himself to enjoy unlimited Freecall later. Visit our Country List for our coverage.

6. Open services to new countries – We can open the Freecall official service to a new country if any prospect distributor would like to market our Freecall service in a specified country. Just let us to know where you would like to run Freecall business and provide some valid domestic cellphones and landlines for a connection testing. We will reply to the client after having a result soonest.