Freecall – 2G Plan

It is ideal for the subscribers in India / Indonesia / Thailand / Singapore / Nigeria / USA / Canada / China / Hong Kong / Taiwan (Landline only) who want to make calls under 2G or very poor 3G internet environments in anywhere of their subscribing country. Even in driving; taking bus; on train or living in any country side of whole china or other places, users just find any 2G signal and will able to make a call. Sound quality will be extractly same as normal traditional GSM phone quality. Our 2G Freecall version will be available to cover up to 8 countries only. Wherever you want to call any cellphone or landline within China, Hong Kong, India Singapore, Thailand, USA, Canada, Taiwan (Landline only) and Nigeria, calling will be reached instantly with Calller ID to the recipient. The Caller ID feature will be offered for China subscribers only.

Just download the APP and install it onto your cellphone, you will be free to call with up to 20 min.air-time. If you want to subscribe for a year plan service, please send e-mail to