Freecall – Combo Plan

In fact, our Freecall-standard service is already covering up to 45 countries which almost fulfill almost users in-need. But some of users may not find their expected countries or cellphone networks in the existing country list. There is no problem for those customers because our Freecall-COMBO plan will be fitted for their request. Freecall-COMBO plan is like a concept that a Freecall-Standard plus one calling card to be a combo for user application. So, once you get a Freecall-COMBO plan, you can make unlimited calls to 45 general countries as a normal service under Freecall-Standard plan, on the other hands, you can make calls to a new country or cellphone network where is not listing within our standard Freecall coverage. Each calling will be charge per minutes from the combo package. It means you will be required to refill $10-30 to the COMBO pack for more air-time after drained. Freecall will offer the lowest rate than other competitive providers. Also, not like any other calling cards which you may in using, Freecall will not charge any time usage during a call in processing or all failed calls. No PIN cade or access code will be required while dialing. You will save much after using Freecall COMBO instead of any calling cards due to you will spend 100% on your conversation times. No longer to waste a money on the connection process or even a calling does fail.

If you want to know the lowest rate for your country, please send e-mail to with the following information:

1. Where are you located?

2. What country do you want to call (You can’t find it in Freecall service listing or an existing country is there but without cellphone opened) ?

3. Other than above specified country, do you expect to call other specified within the general countries listing in the country coverage?

4. Which model and the Brand of cellphone are you using?

5. Will you prefer to subscribe for a half year plan (average higher) or a full year plan (average cheapper)?

Freecall-COMBO Plan Features:

A. Calls unlimited to any 45 general countries for free in one year

B. Calls to a new country or opened for specified cellphone network with the lowest rate than other providers

C. No pay for any failed calls and No cost on a connection processing period.

D. No PIN code or Access code is required to input before making a call.

E. User can search all call history and time usage online. A personal contril panel will be provided.

F. Acceptable US$10~30 to refill the COMBO pack for ready to call (Only be charged for a call to new country)