Freecall – Standard Plan

Freecall-standard is a unique service for subscribers to make free calls to 45 countries with unlimited times and unlimited minutes for full year. No monthly Fee is required. One cost is for subscription w/o any hidden cost. Our dedicated routes are ideal for subscribers want to call India / Indonesia / China / Taiwan even as far as Nigeria and Cameroon without paying an expensive phone bills or buying calling cards. Users just need to renew the yearly plan to continue to enjoy the Freecall in additional years.

With Freecall -standard service, subscribers will have three (3) kinds of devices for three (3) different applications to enjoy Freecall.

  • IPcall-200 Desktop phone for office users

  • ATA Freecall box IPbox-300 for home/commercial purposes

  • Freecall App for cellphone purposes

For Undeveloped Countries

For undeveloped countries where smartphones are not popular, Freecall softphone offers a crystal-sound quality voice with simple user interface via any online PCs or laptops. It is a perfect phone solution suitable for end users in countries in Asia and Africa.

Poor internet connection in most undeveloped countries is still a headache issue but 2G Freecall-Pro service for mobile resolves this problem. Our advanced technology makes  connection under 2G or very bad 3G to destinations where regular GSM is available.


Once the accounts are setup, 2G/3G/4G users will no longer bear expensive phone bills for domestic and international calls. Users can also make calls when traveling abroad without using carriers’ air-times and roaming services. Some countries are covered by special plans.

It will be a good business opportunity for distributors to partner with us. We always  welcome any prospect distributors who would like to be involved in the Freecall business and share the profit in the telecom field. Please contact us for business opportunities.