Technical Support

Rebinding a SIM onto the 2G app.


Step 1:

Discard Your Current Bound SIM

  1. Be sure you are online

  2. Go to settings tab, click into the account management

  3. Discard bound current mobile.

  4. Once you have discarded the current SIM, you will be required to bind your SIM first while you are trying to do for many options.

Step 2:
Binding SIM

  1. Be sure you have discarded the previous SIM.

  2. Click “Bind Account” from settings

  3. Enter your SIM No. This No. Must be exactly same as the SIM inserted on the current mobile.

  4. Enter your 6 digit self-defined pw. Please note that only one unique pw will be memorized for the SIM. You must input the exactly the same pw when you set it for trial test for the first time. Otherwise, you have to send an email for querying your lost pw.

  5. Press the BINDING button on the top right, you will see an alert “Your binding Mobile is saved successfully.

  6. Click  Dial Pad icon, touch the Balance on the top right to update the status of rest balance. Normally, you have to get an amount greater than $0,  It means you are ready to make freecall.

      For getting a details of your account, you can also query for current valid account from the settings. Trouble Shoot

  1. In case you always get a message ” Your binding Mobile failed”, it is telling you that you could not register yet. Normally you might have some mistakes as below:

    1. You might forget to put “00” ahead of your SIM to form the correct binding No.

      For example: 002348033027706

    2. You might input the password other than the date one you ever input for a trial account. Server does not accept your new pw. if you never change it against the same SIM.

      For example:

      Your pw is 280257 in the server record. So, You will not be allowed to input any password which not be matched with record in server.

      In case you already forgot the previous password, you will be required to send an email to to retract your pw.

  2. Cannot get an amount more than $0. So a phone could not make any freecall. Usually, you can either press the “Balance” icon on the dial pad or the Query Accounts from settings, you can update your real time rest amount balance. You will have two cases to get $0 amount.

    1. You are not an official freecall account yet. And your trial account air-time was drained completely.

    2. Internet is very poor and hard to connect to 2G server for updating your amount.

    3. Your yearly account was just expired.

  3. Having a dialing problem, e.g. after dialing and press CALL, you could not see a countdown watch appea or the call-out page is always staying there w/o response.

    It is because the 2G server does not get your dialing request data packets . Most of cases are because the internet is very slow or even lost connection completely at the moment.

  4. Wondering nothing happen while you could see the countdown watch is running to zero. Just heard operator voice ” hang up please”. There is either one reason of a several cases might happen to cause a call could not goes through. But 2G App could not verify each individual issue explained below before the route was cut off.

    1. Recipient is busy

    2. Your dialing is out of service range. The destination is a special country where Freecall is not opened yet.

    3. You might enter a wrong phone No.

    4. GSM signal on Recipient or caller side is too much weak.

    5. A deliver problem on 2G server is existing at the moment.